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Determination + Habits + Confidence = Success


Here at DHC, we're all about helping our players cultivate on and off ice habits that set them apart as elite athletes. When players have the determination and the right habits, they can level up their skills across the game, and that naturally leads to a confidence boost.

Together, these three elements pave the way for game domination!


On ice Private or
Semi- Private sessions

Experience personalized on-ice training meticulously crafted to suit each player.


  • Maximize improvement

  • Unleash full potential on the ice

  • Fun and positive environment

Off ice training 
Small group 

Elevate your hockey game with our tailored off-ice functional training program for peak on-ice performance, designed to optimize:


  • Strength

  • Agility

  • Endurance 

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Summer Training Camp

Experience the ultimate summer hockey camp, blending on-ice and off-ice training sessions in group settings, fostering:


  • Skill development

  • Teamwork

  • Camaraderie

Video Analysis

Refine your "hockey IQ" with our expert video analysis service, pinpointing key insights to enhance your on-ice performance.

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Darick Ste-Marie

Dedicated hockey coach Darick Ste-Marie is passionate about fostering player development through hard work in a fun-filled environment.


Drawing from his extensive experience as a former major junior and professional hockey player, Darick utilizes his expertise to guide young athletes towards reaching their full potential.


Recently serving as the interim Head Coach of the Bonnyville Jr A Pontiacs in the AJHL, Darick brings a wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm to every coaching endeavor.


Where we operate

Montreal Area, Qc




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